13. 06. 2024.
IGC General Assembly 2024 in Prag

Excellent event of IGC - International Group of Controlling, IGC General Assembly 2024, take place this year, today, in a beautiful Prague.

New ideas, new insights and a new opportunities for further development of controlling function and content.

And all this with the exceptional colleagues and friends from different countries.

Many thanks to all of you for this unique opportunity, especially today's excellent lecturers with excellent topics:
Heimo Losbichler, Ladislav Profota, Ota Novotny, Jan Bolek, Prof. Dr. Karsten Oehler, Jürgen Bauer, Dr. Kim Louisa Dillenberger and Rita Niedermayr.

Without a such good organisation and hospitality of our hosts from Czech Republic, all this would not be possible - thank you very much:
Olga Cechlova, Ladislav Profota, Helena Sochrová and Eva Kovarova.

It’s my great pleasure to meet you here in Prag and participate on workshops today together with you - many thanks for exchanging experiences and ideas:
Clemens Nachbauer, dr Tomasz M. Zieliński, Klaus Moeller, Jasmin Engel, Milica Šćepanović, Frederic Doche, Ágnes Szukits, Conrad Günther, Stefan Olech, Klaus Eiselmayer, Thomas Hegenauer, Peter Schentler, Silke Dr. Wickel-Kirsch, Istvan Rado, Kerima V...



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