Ronald Gleich

Prof. Dr. Ronald Gleich has been Professor for Management Practice and Control and Academic Director Center for Performance Management & Controlling at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management since August 2020. His research focuses on current and practically relevant issues of controlling, innovation management and performance measurement. He is the author of one of the leading controlling textbooks in the German-speaking world (Controlling, 14th edition, together with P. Horváth/M. Seiter at Vahlen-Verlag), co-editor of the Controlling-Berater (Haufe-Verlag) and co-director of the ICV-Ideenwerkstatt, the think tank of the international Controller Association. He also advises and controls leading German companies, especially in the manufacturing industry. After an apprenticeship as a banker and the study of technically-oriented business administration in Stuttgart, he also received his doctorate and habilitation at the University of Stuttgart. After a deputy professorship at the University of Hohenheim, Mr. Gleich was Professor of Industrial Management at EBS University from 2003 to July 2020, where he also held various management positions. Mr. Gleich was also a partner in the management consultancy Horváth & Partners from 2001-2005 and managing partner and shareholder of the Horváth Academy from 2012-2018.

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