Course overview

8 steps have to be considered for structured communication – start with the creative thinking process, not with the production process in step 8.

Unlike a funnel a pyramidal structure highlights results – the top management wants to know right at the beginning who the murderer is.
Bottom-up vs. Top-Down

The structure and the principles of the pyramid help you to easily develop and to clearly communicate your ideas with a single main message.

Main principles

  1. Every document or presentation can and should be reduced to a single main message. In the context of issue- based problem-solving, this message is the answer to the recipient’s problem.
  2. Do the elevator test in order to ensure that the message comes across.
  3. We should state this answer as soon as possible, immediately after a short and suitably structured introduction.

Learning methods

The participants will acquire the knowledge and skills through lecture, demonstrations, practical exercises, discussion, individual work and group work with other participants and trainer.


Day 1

  • Objectives & Intro of Workshop
  • Step 1: Understand Pyramid Principle
  • Step 2: Define Topic
  • Step 3: Structure Topic
  • Step 4: Analyze Target Group Step
  • Step 5: Determine Key Message
  • Debriefing of day 1

Day 2

  • Wrap-up day 1 and objectives of day 2
  • Step 6: Build Pyramid
  • Step 7: Prepare Storyboard (Standards)
  • Step 7: Structuring of Storyboard
  • Step 8: Produce Slides
  • Debriefing

This workshop will be conducted in English.


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