Finance for nonfinancial managers

The goal of the workshop is to understand the financial basics and the most common key performance indicators. Participants get acquainted with financial basics – the result is the better understanding of financial reports.

During the business game the participants understand:

  • how transactions are recorded in the income statement and balance sheet;
  • the components of the income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement;
  • factors affecting cash flow;
  • how the statements of cash flow are related to the income statement and balance sheet;
  • key financial statement ratios;
  • how to interpret budget to actual results and reflect changes in
  • budget assumptions;
  • what effect business decisions take on financial matters.

Factory® business game – to understand complex issues in a simple manner.
Using interactive learning materials we encourage participants to remain actively engaged throughout the entire course.
Learning by doing in teams guarantees a high and sustainable transfer of knowledge:

  • work in small groups;
  • short lectures on theoretic background;
  • discussions;
  • case analyses.

The workshop will be useful for:

  • functional managers
  • business area managers
  • future managers
  • sales experts
  • colleagues from different functional areas (HR, IT, logistics etc.) who don’t have financial degrees.



Day 1

Introduction of the Business Game methodology (how to?)

  • Stakeholders, market informations, financial statements
  • 1. Quartal of the Game - Simulation Plenum

2-4. Quartals of the Game - Simulation in small groups

  • Closing tasks, evaluation of financial performance
  • Goal of Reporting, major components. Income Statement

Sales actvities

  • Focus on cash-flow & costs
  • Elaboration of Balance Sheet
  • Financial analysis methodologies, Key performance indicators

Action planning, financial impacts of decisions

  • Simulation of the 2nd year in small groups

Day 2

Interpretation of the financial performance of the second year

  • Objectives. Managers influence on KPI’s, responsibility, incentive system

2-4. Planning of profit needed

  • Improvement of the company’s performance
  • Shareholder Value, EVA®

Investment calculation methods with examples (NPV, IIR)

  • How to enhance the value of the company?

Simulation of the 3rd year in small groups

  • Information sources for financial analysises
  • Conclusions of the training

This workshop will be conducted in English.


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